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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 1 The result of principal factor analysis for vlogger’s attributes

From: Effects of fashion vlogger attributes on product attitude and content sharing

Factor name Item Eigen-value Variance explained % (cumulative variance %) Cronbach’s α
Trustworthiness This vlogger would be sincere every time 7.047 50.337 (50.337) .908
This vlogger would not either exaggerate or lie
This vlogger would not pretend to know about what she does not know well
This vlogger would not talk without grounds
This vlogger would frankly present her position, thoughts and opinions
Expertise This vlogger knows about the posting very well 1.870 13.354 (63.691) .895
It is an undeniable fact that This vlogger is an expert on the posting
This vlogger has a lot of experience with her vlog topic
This vlogger is likely to see a lot of magazines and videos related to her vlog content
This vlogger will give viewers information about her vlog content
Attractiveness This vlogger is pretty 1.438 10.274 (73.965) .892
This vlogger has a sophisticated image
This vlogger is very attractive
Others will want to resemble this vlogger