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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 3 Requirements for VHB size and shape standardization derived from the existing research

From: Standardization of the size and shape of virtual human body for apparel products

Research Derived requirements
Lee (2010) Guideline for 3D data preparation
Kang (2010), Kim et al. (2011), Choi et al. (2014) Unification of terms and definitions of virtual landmarks and virtual body dimensions
Specific versions with stages depending on the purpose
Lee and Sohn (2012), Shin (2009), Lim (2012) Comprehension related to various and complex actual bodies
Establishment of scientific method for analysis of the body shape types
Choi et al. (2014), Paul and Wischniewski (2012) Convenience of usability and accuracy of reproduction of VHB depending on the purpose
Combination of demographic criteria depending on targeted wearers
Kang (2010) Development of suitable exemplar model for segmentation of targeted wearers