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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 4 Front and side silhouettes of the three body shape groups

From: Categorization of lower body shapes of abdominal obese men using a script-based 3D body measurement software

 Body shape groupNames of body types and their characteristics
1 Flat abdomen/ developed buttocks
 The least prominent abdomen
 The most prominent upper buttocks
 Thick thighs considering buttocks prominence
 The shortest lower body
2 Developed abdomen/ buttocks with vertical thighs
 The most prominent abdomen
 Prominent upper buttocks
 The most vertical lower body (from thigh to knee)
 The thinnest thighs
3 Drooped buttocks with tilted thighs
 The flattest upper buttocks
 The most tilted lower body (from thigh to knee)
 Thin thighs considering buttocks prominence