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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 2 Findings from open-ended questions

From: Validation of the wearable acceptability range scale for smart apparel

QuestionsRelated wordsFrequency%
Q1. What are the top 3-phrases that first come to your mind when you hear the phrase “wearable technology”?
 WatchApple watches, i-watch
Fitbit, Smartwatch
Fitbit(s), fit bit
 Smart apparelSmart shoes, clothing, jacket, pants3089.6
 Google glassesGoogle glass1153.6
 TechnologyTech, technologies892.8
 FitnessTracker(s), tracking monitor, heart rate(s)822.6
 Bluetooth headphoneHeadphones, headset792.5
 ExpensiveExpensive, high price, cost521.6
Q2. What are the top 3-phrase that first come to your mind when hear the phrase “smart clothing” or “smart footwear”?
 Smart apparelSmart shoes, clothing, jacket, pants, vest, gloves38311
 FitnessTracker(s), tracking monitor, heart rate(s)2778
 TechnologyTech, technologies1574.5
 ExpensiveExpensive, high price, cost641.8
 InnovationNew, innovating, innovation, innovative, innovator611.8
 Brand nameNike, Adidas, Puma401.4
Q3. Please list the most commonly wearing wearable products that you can think of
 Apple watchSmartwatch, i-watch48528.9
 FitbitFitbit(s), fit bit32515.9
 Google glassesSmart glasses, glasses1094.9
 Smart clothingShirt, clothing, pants, jacket652.9
 Smart shoesShoes512.3
 Fitness trackerTracker(s), tracking monitor, heart rate(s)502.3
 BluetoothBluetooth headphone, phone452.1