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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 2 Results for the measurement model, and correlation coefficients

From: Achieving corporate sustainability performance: The influence of corporate ethical value, and leader-member exchange on employee behaviors and organizational performance

   Item loading
Corporate ethical value (CEV) (CR = .79, AVE= .56, MSV= .26, Cronbach’s α = .77)
 CV3 Top management in my company has let it be known in no uncertain terms that unethical behaviors will not be tolerated .58
 CV4 If a manager in my company is discovered to have engaged in unethical behavior that results primarily in personal gain (rather than corporate gain), he or she will be promptly reprimanded .82
 CV5 If a manager in my company is discovered to have engaged in unethical behavior that results primarily in corporate gain (rather than personal gain), he or she will be promptly reprimanded .81
Leader-member exchange (LMX) (CR = .87, AVE= .62, MSV= .26, Cronbach’s α = .88)
 LX1 My manager is flexible about evolving change in my job .81
 LX2 My manager would be personally inclined to use whatever power he/she has to help me solve problems in my work .86
 LX4 My manager is very open to suggestions from me regarding my work .77
 LX5 I would characterize my relationship with my manager as above average .71
Organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) (CR = .83, AVE= .72, MSV= .13)
 Factor 1: Interpersonally directed (OCB_I) (Cronbach’s α = .80) .77
  OI1 I go out of way to help new employees in my company .75
  OI2 I help other colleagues who have heavy workloads in my company .86
  OI3 I help other colleagues who have been absent in my company .69
 Factor 2: Organizationally directed (OCB_O) (Cronbach’s α = .62)
  OO1 My attendance at work is above the norm .64
  OO2 I do not complain about insignificant things at work 57
  OO3 I adhere to informal rules devised to maintain order .73
Counterproductive work behavior (CWB) (CR = .91, AVE= .62, MSV= .13, Cronbach’s α = .90)
 CB5 Stay home from work and say you are sick when you are not .64
 CB6 Insulted someone about their job performance .79
 CB7 Make fun of someone’s personal life .85
 CB8 Ignore someone at work .76
 CB9 Start an argument with someone at work .82
 CB10 Insult or make fun of someone at work .84
Corporate Sustainability Performance (CP) (CR = .83, AVE= .57, MSV= .12)
 Factor1: Environmental support (ES) (Cronbach’s α = .90)
  ES1 Preserving nature .80
  ES3 Designing environmentally friendly products (e.g., reducing dyes or chemicals) .79
  ES4 Building and running energy-efficient facilities .84
  ES5 Reducing environmental harm (e.g., limiting chemical use, water consumption, waste, CO2 emission, etc.) .84
  ES6 Reducing packaging .71
  ES7 Recycling or upcycling .68
 Factor 2: Community support (CS) (Cronbach’s α = .90)
  CS8 Providing education programs in developing countries (e.g., hygiene, sex, nutrition, etc.) .73
  CS9 Providing fair employment opportunities in developing countries (e.g., hiring women and migrant workers) .81
  CS10 Supporting better student learning and professional development .86
  CS12 Supporting medical services for communities in developing countries .75
  CS13 Partnering with organizations who help children and people in need .83
  CS14 Donating money to charity .64
 Factor 3: Working conditions support (WC) (Cronbach’s α = .82)
  WC15 Providing proper working environments (e.g., a safe building, proper lighting and ventilation, and an on-site health clinic, etc.) .86
  WC16 Promoting fair treatments for all .81
 Factor 4: Transparency enhancement (TE) (Cronbach’s α = .70)
  TE18 Sharing information publicly .56
  TE19 Having a whistleblowing system .95
Goodness-of-Fit Indices, X2 = 773.82, d.f. = 542, p-value = .000; CFI = .96; TLI = .96; RMSEA = .04; SRMR = .05
  1. All factor loadings were significant at 0.01 level
  2. CR composite reliability, AVE average variance extracted, MSV maximum shared variance