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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 2 Evidence of craftivism concepts through maker–wearer in vivo codes

From: Unifying yet dividing: voices of pussyhat maker–wearers who participated in the 2017 Women’s Marches

Respondents described the activity of pussy hat making and wearing for the purpose of…
Concept In vivo code Location of March Age
Resist injustice It is a pussy hat representing and in defiance of the President's previous comment Chicago 53
I have been knitting hats for friends as my way to promote the cause Washington, D.C 58
You can’t grab this. We now call ourselves the resistance Boston 57
It’s a protest of trumps crude remarks about women Columbus, OH 63
It was part of my protest ‘uniform.’ People wore it to make a statement, to assert power in a word and consequently reclaim power that 45 tries to take away from women Boston 46
That women will band together to protect each other from injustice and harm Washington, D.C. 36
Make individual voices stronger I feel strongly that the new president and those who he surrounds himself with are anti women and I want women’s voices to be heard Madison, WI 73
Women’s rights and to remind the president we cannot be ignored simply because we did not vote for him Washington, D.C. 47
I wanted to show the new administration that I was watching and would not be silent Washington, D.C. 64
Community building with like-minded people Solidarity with all other women New York City 47
[The pussyhat is a] cheeky and humorous comment about the sexism and misogyny of our current President; plus an “in solidarity” kind of statement with other groups Washington, D.C. 50
I’m a stay home mom but left the babies at home with my husband and met up with 4 girlfriends from my previous job. We met up with even more friends at the march Denver 44
Solidarity, mostly! I needed a hat because it was cold. I wanted a hat that would add to the sea of pink on the national mall Washington, D.C. 40
Cope with negative life occurrences Like so many women, I am a maker and the symbolism of taking traditional women’s work to flip DT’s lewd comments was perfect Denver 44
Pussy I think is an attempt at a proud reclaiming of a word that is often used in a derogatory manner Washington, D.C. 21
Pussy grabs back! Washington, D.C. 52
Emblematic of women will not be negatively defined by a word used pejoratively Washington, D.C. 46
To let the world know that women can be powerful too and to recapture the word for our purpose Washington, D.C. 64
women owning the word pussy Washington, D.C. 53
Focus on positive future I marched because I needed to give hope to others at risk, even when I felt little hope myself in the face of the powers of greed and viciousness that currently prevail Santa Fe, NM 58
So women and men do not suffer from women losing what women before us have worked so hard to get Chicago 53
To stand up for the generations to come. For their water, for their reproductive rights, for the Earth that we will leave them Santa Fe, NM 53
To take a stand against bigotry, misogyny, corruption and environmentally damaging policies Park City, UT 46
For my 10 year old daughter Los Angeles 41