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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 1 Structure of the interview guide

From: Product experiences of clothing attachment in baby boomers in the United States

SectionExamples of questions
1. Introductory questions: Exploration about the life of the participantWould you please tell me about yourself?
In which year were you born?
Are you married?
Do you have kids?
2. Product attachment: Invitation to talk about the emotional bond with each of the items selectedWhy did you select this product?
How long have you had it for?
How would you describe the bond you have with this item? Why do you feel a bond?
Do you feel that this clothing is very dear to you? Why?
Do you feel attached to this clothing? From 1 to 7, being 7 the highest, how much are you attached to that item? Why?
3. Aesthetic experience: Exploration about the participant’s aesthetic delight with each of the itemsCould you please describe the clothing?
What are the aesthetic characteristics of the clothing that you like (e.g., color, color combination, form, texture, material, smell, sound, touch, etc.)? Why do you like those qualities?
Do you think the aesthetic properties of the clothing influence your attachment to it? Why? How?
4. Emotional experience: Inquiry about the participant’s emotions for each of the itemsWhat do you feel when you look at the product?
What do you feel when you use the product?
Do you feel pleasure when looking and/or using the product? Why?
5. Experience of meaning: Inquiry about the participant’s associations with each of the itemsDo you feel this product has a special meaning to you?
Why would you say there is a bond with that product?
Is there a story related to this product?
Is there anything you want to communicate when you use that product?
Are you involved in any group activities when using this clothing?
What is the function that this product plays in your life?
Is there an activity related to this product?
6. Closing questionsIs there anything else we did not discuss that you feel is important about these products?
  1. This table presents a summary of the main questions asked during the interview