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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

Table 1 Structure of raw data field on Twitter

From: Fashion informatics of the Big 4 Fashion Weeks using topic modeling and sentiment analysis

No. Field name No. Field name
1 Tweet id 11 No. of likes for a tweet
2 Tweet-URL 12 No. of replies for a tweet
3 Tweet text 13 No. of retweets for a tweet
4 Tweet html 14 Username
5 Links inside the tweet 15 User full name/screen name
6 Hashtags inside the tweet 16 User ID
7 Image URLS inside the tweet 17 The tweet is a reply to
8 Video URL inside the tweet 18 A tweet receiving a reply
9 Tweet timestamp 19 List of users the tweet is a reply to
10 Tweet epoch timestamp 20 Tweet ID of the parent tweet