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Correction to: Introduction to special collection: collaborating with technology to sell fashion

The Original Article was published on 29 March 2019

Correction to: Fash Text (2019) 6:22

In the original publication of this article (Choo 2019), the author would like to add the omitted research to the list of this special collection, “collaborating with technology to sell fashion.”

The corrections are below:

  1. 1.

    In this special collection, four interesting studies are introduced.’ should be ‘In this special collection, five interesting studies are introduced.’

  2. 2.

    Adding a paragraph bellow between ‘… and online VR stores (Hyundai VR store).’ and ‘Jang, Hur, and Choo’s article, …’:

‘Park, Im, and Kim reported building procedure of a mock VR fashion store and consumer responses from the experiences with it in their article, “Feasibility and user experience of Virtual Reality fashion stores.” It was meaningful attempt to construct a highly immersive mock VR store which could be utilized for researcher, educators, and more importantly retailers. Discussions on challenges and advantages in using VR technology for building a virtual fashion stores as well as users’ experiences provide insights and practical information to us. Before designing a VR store, the authors did a thorough search for previous research on VR in retail context and conducted a meta-analysis for 18 studies. I recommend this finding as a valuable resource for colleagues who are interested in VR retailing research as a starting point.’

  1. 3.

    Changing ‘four’ to ‘five’ in the sentence ‘I congratulate the four teams of researchers who have recognized and explained the advancement of retail technologies and consumer responses.


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