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International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research

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Fashion and Textiles Best Paper Award

The Fashion and Textiles Best Paper Award recognizes outstanding papers that contribute to theoretical advancement of the discipline and facilitate collaborative studies with related disciplines and industry. The best two papers, one from physical sciences areas (Textile Science & Technology and Clothing Science & Technology) and the other from humanities/social sciences (Economics of Clothing & Textiles, Fashion Business, and Fashion Design & History), are selected annually from among the papers published in the journal during the previous year. The awards will be announced and recognized on Fashion and Textiles homepage in October each year.

Winning papers


Clothing Science and Technology/Textile Science and Technology:
Numerical investigation of heat transfer in a garment convective cooling system(2022.1)
Yijie Zhang, Juhong Jia & Ziyi Guo

Economics of Clothing and Textiles/Fashion Business:
Coronavirus versus the textile industry: cluster lessons for future challenges(2022.3)
Francisco Puig, Santiago Cantarero & Francesco Verdone

Fashion Design and Cultural Study on Fashion:
3D dynamic fashion design development using digital technology and its potential in online platforms(2022.3)
Kyung-Hee Choi


Clothing Science and Technology:
Evolution of 3D weaving and 3D woven fabric structures (2022.3)
Yasith Sanura Perera, Rajapaksha Mudiyanselage Himal Widooshaka Muwanwella, Philip Roshan Fernando, Sandun Keerthichandra Fernando and Thantirige Sanath Siroshana Jayawardana

Economics of Clothing and Textiles/Fashion Business:
Linkages between market orientation and brand performance with positioning strategies of significant fashion apparels in Pakistan (2021.8)
Rana Faizan Gul, Dunnan Liu, Khalid Jamil, Sajjad Ahmad Baig, Fazal Hussain Awan and Mingguang Liu


Clothing Science and Technology:
Charging device for wearable electromagnetic energy-harvesting textiles (2021.1)
Hyewon Lee & Jung-Sim Roh

Economics of Clothing and Textiles/Fashion Business:
Consumer resistance to innovation: smart clothing (2020.6)
Naan Ju & Kyu-Hye Lee


Textile Science and Technology:
Use of regression to study the effect of fabric parameters on the adhesion of 3D printed PLA polymer onto woven fabrics
Nonsikelelo Sheron Mpofu, Josphat Igadwa Mwasiagi, Londiwe C. Nkiwane & David Njuguna

Economics of Clothing and Textiles/Fashion Business:
Emotional branding speaks to consumers’ heart: the case of fashion brands
Youn-Kyung Kim & Pauline Sullivan

Clothing Science and Technology/Fashion Design and Cultural Study on Fashion:
A study of the development and improvement of fashion products using a FDM type 3D printer
Sohyun Kim, Hyunjin Seong, Yusun Her & Jaehoon Chun  


Physical sciences:

Characterization of carbon nanofiber (CNF)/polymer composite coated on cotton fabrics prepared with various circuit patterns
Hyelim Kim, Sunhee Lee 

Humanities/social sciences:

Envisioning the era of 3D printing: a conceptual model for the fashion industry
Lushan Sun,Li Zhao 


Physical sciences:

Multi-jet electrospinning of polystyrene/polyamide 6 blend: thermal and mechanical properties
Jae Won Yoon, Yaewon Park, Jooyoun Kim, Chung Hee Park

Humanities/social sciences:

Factors influencing consumers’ purchase intention of green sportswear
Changhyun Nam, Huanjiao Dong, Young-A Lee


Physical sciences:

Performance assessment of fragrance finished cotton with cyclodextrin assisted anchoring hosts
Shelly Khanna, Swati Sharma, J. N. Chakraborty

Humanities/social sciences:

Coping by crossdressing: an exploration of exercise clothing for obese heterosexual women
Deborah A. Christel, Nicole H. O'Donnell, Linda Arthur Bradley


Physical sciences:

Union dyeing of cotton/nylon blended fabric by plasma-nano chitosan treatment
KarthikeyanᅠKaliyamoorthi, Ramachandran Thangavelu

Humanities/social sciences:

Impacts of sustainable value and business stewardship on lifestyle practices in clothing consumption
Stacy Hyun‑am Lee, HaeJung Kim, Kiseol Yang


Physical sciences:

Eco-friendly indigo reduction using bokbunja (Rubus coreanus Miq.) sludge
Younsook Shin, Min Choi, Dong Il Yoo

Humanities/social sciences:

Dress, body and self: research in the social psychology of dress
Kim Johnson, Sharron J. Lennon, Nancy Rudd