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  1. Over the past 25 years, understanding males’ interest in and outcomes of muscularity has developed into a major area of study. Research has been fueled by the development of measures of both the attitudinal an...

    Authors: Sharron J. Lennon and Kim K. P. Johnson
    Citation: Fashion and Textiles 2021 8:20

    The Correction to this article has been published in Fashion and Textiles 2021 8:35

  2. Based on the stimuli-organism-response model, this study aims to examine whether consumers’ store experience through virtual reality (VR), compared to website experience, can attract them enough to perceive th...

    Authors: Byoungho Jin, Gwia Kim, Marguerite Moore and Lori Rothenberg
    Citation: Fashion and Textiles 2021 8:19
  3. Herein, a novel kind of composite yarn with alternating segmented structure and interval color has been prepared based on a ring spinning approach. By adjusting the relative motion and blend ratio of the color...

    Authors: Wei Wei, Qinglun Tang, Hengxing Tang, Jun Chen, Kun Yan and Dong Wang
    Citation: Fashion and Textiles 2021 8:17
  4. High efficiency and anti-pollution oil/water separation membrane has been widely explored and researched. There are a large number of hydroxyl groups on the surface of silica, which has good wettability and ca...

    Authors: Yuanli Chen, Hui Fan, Xinlin Zha, Wenwen Wang, Yi Wu, Yi Xiong, Kun Yan, Yuedan Wang and Dong Wang
    Citation: Fashion and Textiles 2021 8:14
  5. 3D fabric preforms are used as reinforcements in composite applications. 3D woven preforms have a huge demand in ballistic applications, aircraft industry, automobiles and structural reinforcements. A variety ...

    Authors: Yasith Sanura Perera, Rajapaksha Mudiyanselage Himal Widooshaka Muwanwella, Philip Roshan Fernando, Sandun Keerthichandra Fernando and Thantirige Sanath Siroshana Jayawardana
    Citation: Fashion and Textiles 2021 8:11
  6. Animal fur garments have historically served as a status symbol. However, the fur fashion market has recently undergone two noteworthy transformations. Firstly, the anti-fur consumption movements have heavily ...

    Authors: Daeun Chloe Shin and Byoungho Ellie Jin
    Citation: Fashion and Textiles 2021 8:10
  7. The wearable electronics integrated with textile-based devices is a promising strategy to meet the requirements of human comfort as well as electrical performances. This research presents a design and developm...

    Authors: Yewon Song, Seulah Lee, Yuna Choi, Sora Han, Hyuna Won, Tae-Hyun Sung, Youngjin Choi and Jihyun Bae
    Citation: Fashion and Textiles 2021 8:6

    The Correction to this article has been published in Fashion and Textiles 2021 8:18

  8. In this work, graft copolymer poly (n-butyl acrylate)-g-polyacrylonitrile with poly (n-butyl acrylate) as backbones and polyacrylonitrile as side chains (PnBA-g-PAN) was synthesized by macromonomer method and emu...

    Authors: Yuzhu Zheng, Deli Xu, Shiyou Tian, Manli Li, Wenwen Wang and Ke Liu
    Citation: Fashion and Textiles 2021 8:4
  9. While the popularity of athletic footwear or “sneakers” has been widely assessed within academic literature, few studies to date have examined the influence of a specific sneaker subculture called “Sneakerhead...

    Authors: Delisia Matthews, Qiana Cryer-Coupet and Nimet Degirmencioglu
    Citation: Fashion and Textiles 2021 8:1
  10. Embroidery through computer aided semi-automatic machines is one of the most widely used option for the surface ornamentation of apparel fabrics at present. Since the embroidery process includes addition of ce...

    Authors: Anirban Dutta and Biswapati Chatterjee
    Citation: Fashion and Textiles 2020 7:36
  11. In order to prevent light-colored clothes from being stained by dyes released from dark clothes during the washing process, some new-type washing machines have developed the dye transfer inhibition washing pro...

    Authors: Mingqi Guo, Li Jiang, Qingbo Yang, Chang Sun, Jianli Liu and Weidong Gao
    Citation: Fashion and Textiles 2020 7:38
  12. On January 21, 2017, several million protesters took part in the “Women’s March on Washington” and its more than 400 sister Marches held in cities throughout the U.S. and across the globe. One enduring image o...

    Authors: Nancy L. Malcom, Addie K. Martindale, V. Ann Paulins, Julie L. Hillery and Alexandra Howell
    Citation: Fashion and Textiles 2020 7:32
  13. This study sheds light on a prominent issue in retailing: how the digital atmosphere can affect the consumer decision-making process in a fashion retail store. Digital devices and services such as digital scre...

    Authors: Ha Youn Kim, Yuri Lee, Erin Cho and Yeo Jin Jung
    Citation: Fashion and Textiles 2020 7:30
  14. With this interpretive study, we sought to understand how weaving as an activity contributed to constructing women handloom weavers’ cultural identity in the region of Ri-Bhoi, a district in Meghalaya, India, ...

    Authors: Rebecca Maria Dias, Jennifer Paff Ogle and Sonali Diddi
    Citation: Fashion and Textiles 2020 7:31
  15. Bio ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) produced with sugarcane-derived ethylene is an eco-friendly alternative material that can perform similarly to an oil-based synthetic rubber while reducing dependenc...

    Authors: Jeong Seon Sang, Taehyung Kim, Eun-Young Park, Juhyun Park, Yumin Eum and Kyung Wha Oh
    Citation: Fashion and Textiles 2020 7:29
  16. Smart clothing is believed to have an enormous growth potential, but at present, it is not so attractive in terms of sales. This study identified various obstacles affecting consumers’ interest in smart clothi...

    Authors: Naan Ju and Kyu-Hye Lee
    Citation: Fashion and Textiles 2020 7:21
  17. This study investigated the body image experiences unique to collegiate female athletes in relation to their apparel wear. Female athletes (n = 36) participated in interview sessions, 3D body scanning, and pho...

    Authors: Mary Claire Nemeth, Huiju Park and Jane Mendle
    Citation: Fashion and Textiles 2020 7:16
  18. This study investigated how corporate sustainability performance can be attained through the interface of corporate ethical values and leader-member exchange, and how employees’ positive and negative behaviors...

    Authors: Stacy H. Lee
    Citation: Fashion and Textiles 2020 7:25
  19. Humans wear products and use tools that interface with their hands to provide abrasion resistance, impact protection, grip, thermal comfort, and detailed maneuvers. The skills needed to design new and innovati...

    Authors: Susan L. Sokolowski
    Citation: Fashion and Textiles 2020 7:15

    The Correction to this article has been published in Fashion and Textiles 2020 7:26

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